Intel VT-x is Disabled Problem Fixed

When you try to run Vmware or Virtual box on your laptop, you often get trapped into "VT-x is disabled" problem.

This happens because modern CPUs consist of hardware virtualization features which aren't always enabled by default. 



These errors come up for a couple of reasons but mainly it's because the Intel VT-x is disabled in your bios menu.

I will tell you what. You don't need to get scared of these fancy things. 

All you have to do is go to your BIOS Menu and there you will see the Intel virtualization section.

It might be showing as disabled. Now click that and enable it.

Isn't that easy? Well, it definitely is. 



Restart your computer now and try to install the Vmware again.

This time the "VT-x is disabled" problem will go away. See, you did it. 

Enjoy booting your gear with multiple Operating Systems.  

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